Cross-border Bees in V4 Countries - Building of Educational Entrepreneurship Start-ups in V4 Group

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Cross-border Bees in V4 Countries - Building of Educational Entrepreneurship Start-ups in V4 Group

The project is prepared for students from four partner universities of V4 Group. The project assumes organization of workshops for students concerning practical aspects of cross-border entrepreneurship in V4 countries. Every university will represent five students who declare an intention to set up own business in cross-border environment. The universities will organize a contest for all students, who will prepare ideas for a cross-border business (products, services, potential customers, market assumptions). During project the organizers plan to conduct a reserach concerning support of entrepreneurial activities in opinion of academics and students. Results of the research will present during scientific seminar. The seminar will gather academics, students and business representatives. During it they will exchange experience and opinions about wide meaning cross-border business.
Qualified students will attend workshops. Workshops will be organized at every university and last two days. Students from all V4 countries will be designing detailed projects of their start-ups with the assistance of academics representing all V4 countries.

During workshops students will:

  • present their ideas of cross-border companies,
  • work in international teams and prepare new, modified ideas (start-ups),
  • get to know a specificity of business running in cross-border environment (law, economic, social, cultural and international conditions, analysis of case studies),
  • create new international contacts thanks to personal meetings in international teams.

In workshops representatives of business will attend, presenting and advising students about cross-border entrepreneurship. Workshops will create proposals of cross-border start-ups, which could exist in the future. The representatives of every university will award the best idea for setting up a business. The winners will receive tablet computers and will visit a start-up set in Ostrava, Czech Republic, in the framework of entrepreneurial incubator. It will be a good occasion for awarded students to see a business in practice. The project will give the attended a possibility to exchange innovative ideas and experience in the scope of cross-border economy. Thanks to team work, students will create new opportunities for setting up their own businesses, support each other in being innovative and above all develop their passion. This passion should transfer ideas into real companies in the future.