Cross-border Bees in V4 Countries - Building of Educational Entrepreneurship Start-ups in V4 Group

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Technical University in Ostrava
VŠB - Technical University of Ostrava provides tertiary education in technical and economic sciences across a wide range of study programmes and courses at the Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral level, standing on a tradition going back more than 165 years. Education is organized within 7 Faculties. The Faculty of Economics was founded in 1977 and has become one of the biggest economic faculties in the Czech Republic. The Faculty has nearly 4,000 students and thousands of alumni. It offers a wide range of degree programmes – from the fields of economics, management, business, systems engineering etc. The Faculty also organises a number of courses of lifelong education for companies, institutions and individuals. Graduates of the faculty go on to make careers in companies, public administration, and individual business activity.

Szent István University
Szent István University, one of Hungary’s most prominent institutions of higher education, consists of ten faculties for study and research hosting approximately 19,000 students. The university campuses, located throughout the country, offer students and staff comfortable, relaxing environment. With parts of its history dating back well over two centuries, SZIU blends Hungary’s rich traditions with cutting-edge technology to meet the needs of its students in today’s competitive labour markets. Within the ten faculties, degree programs are offered in a wide variety of subjects ranging from natural sciences, engineering and veterinary medicine to business, economics, social sciences, health sciences and pedagogy. Programmes are available at every level from vocational training to PhD.

Alexander Dubček University in Trenčín
The Faculty of Social and Economic Relations belongs to the astablishing Faculties of the Alexander Dubček University in Trenčín. It is based on development of the modern systems of public administration, personnel menagement and human resources. The main objective of the Faculty is to train students to become managers for economic field, who are able to solve managing and personnel problems and issues of the companies, nonprofits organizations and public administration. The research focuses on the following areas: Economics, Management, Human Resources, Public Administration and Regional Development, Marketing and Commerce, Social and Economic Development, Social Psychology, Environment, International Economics and Politics.

Study programmes:

  • Human resources and Personnel Management – Bachelor degree and Master degree
  • Public Administration – Bachelor degree
  • Regional Economy and Development - Bachelor degree

The University of Bielsko-Biala
The University of Bielsko-Biala was founded in October 2001 as an independent governmental academic institution. Previously, since 1969, it had been a branch of the Technical University of Lodz (Politechnika Lódzka). The machine-design, electrical and textile industries are traditional for the region so the main education areas have been long established. With the change in the economy, there have also developed other fields of study including management, humanities, environmental and computer sciences. The University of Bielsko-Biala is open to new ideas and opportunities to improve modern educational tools. Internationalization has become here the most important objective of the University being constantly promoted through its participation in various European network projects.